Felix, who has a girlfriend, is also certain that he is straight

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Online application signature – common experience of the experts

In the case of an online application or an application by email, the application documents are created in PDF format. However, you cannot add a signature in ink and personal lettering to the cover letter, you can only scan it. There is no uniform regulation on the question of how to deal with the signature in such applications.

There are a few HR managers who see the scanned signature as a particular effort on the part of the applicant. But many companies see this only as a dispensable formality – according to the usual experience of the experts.

Tips for your application

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Online application signature and smaller companies

Experts have found that many small and medium-sized companies do not consider a missing personal signature as an exclusion criterion. Because of the aging population and the shortage of skilled workers, they cannot afford to exclude a good applicant because of a missing signature.

Online application signature and large company

Large companies, which receive large numbers of applications every year, think similarly. For them, it depends on the applicant’s overall profile, qualifications, specialization and personality. Carefully prepared, complete and informative documents with a complete curriculum vitae are important.

Online application signature – alternative courses of action

A complete waiver of a signature is taboo. So you can either put the signature in italics or capital letters under the cover letter. Otherwise it can be flawlessly scanned and inserted as an image into the corresponding Word document, which then has to be converted into a PDF file.

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For this purpose, the applicant signs with a fountain pen clearly visible in dark blue ink on an opaque and pure white paper without a yellow cast. He then scans the signature with a resolution of 300 to 600 dpi and saves the document in PNG format.

A well-known company, a good job – and yet the job can prove to be a dead end. Sometimes an internal application for another position can help. We explain what companies value – and what doesn’t work at all.

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Apply informally internally?

“The internal application also follows fixed rules,” says the personnel consultant Christine Öttl from Munich. “You have to take them just as seriously as you apply to other companies.” But this often turns out to be an obstacle. “Employees think that an internal application is only a matter of form,” says Öttl. However, this is only rarely the case – for example when the famous B vitamin is involved. Or the company so small that the boss promises his most deserving employee a job and who then gets it.

Positions are “not tacitly awarded”

Most of the time it’s not that easy. Companies also usually expect a written application from internal applicants and conduct selection interviews. “Today not everyone knows everyone else – and the posts are not tacitly assigned,” explains Öttl.

The advantage of internal job candidates

Bayer in Leverkusen, for example, informs employees about all vacancies in the company on the intranet and through notices, says Dirk Pfenning from the Center of Expertise People Development. “The applications are then processed online,” says the expert.https://123helpme.me/argumentative-essay-topics/ According to Pfenning, the internal applications are processed centrally by an internal personnel service provider. The procedure corresponds to the procedure for external applications. Nonetheless, Bayer applicants have one advantage: “We have agreed with the works council that each vacancy should be offered internally for two weeks before an external publication,” says Pfenning.

Deliver what the companies ask for

As with external applications, confidentiality also has priority for internal applications. “This applies above all to the area from which the applicant has registered for a new position,” said Pfenning. A little tactical skill is also required in the internal application process. “In general, applicants shouldn’t communicate the search for a new task too early,” advises the expert. Like Bayer, other companies now also prefer online applications. It is important to deliver what the companies demand. If the online application is desired, no HR manager wants to find a thick, written application folder on his desk.

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Belonging to the company is not enough

“The online application should not be taken lightly. You deliver something of yourself – whether it is written documents or completed forms in the given fields: you should put your effort into it,” emphasizes Öttl. Membership in the company is not always enough for HR managers, warns career advisor Helga Krausser-Raether from Frankfurt.

Companies want to see real interest

But not only from the form of the application can bosses and HR managers recognize whether the applicant is really interested in the new position. It also looks at how well the candidate has performed in the current position. “A good presence in one’s own job leaves a good impression over a long period of time,” says Öttl. “The more respected I am and the more people know me, the greater the chance of getting another job that I want.”

Applicant knows structures

Internal application has another advantage for companies and applicants: The person concerned already knows the structures in the company and does not have to get used to it, says Krausser-Raether.

Think of successors

Nevertheless, internal applications should be carefully considered. “If an applicant doesn’t really think strategically about whether a new position is the right one, it can lead to a rude awakening,” explains the consultant. For example, bosses consider it a gross mistake if the successor in the old position is not thought of and a disordered workplace is left behind. That definitely casts a bad light on the changer.

Initiative is well received

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Incidentally, according to Krausser-Raether, internal unsolicited applications also rate positively. This is usually followed by a completely normal application process. According to the expert, this includes “a cover letter, a letter of motivation, an interview, possibly the assessment center”. A simple basic rule applies here, emphasizes Krausser-Raether. Applicants should go through their own line manager – ask and see if there are opportunities for further development.

Families with a stepmother or stepfather are now part of everyday life, also for the children. But what about when two mothers raise children because the birth mother has become a lesbian? In its May 3rd edition, the WDR documentary series “Menschen hautnah” accompanied two families in which this is the case.

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“How about two mothers?”

Anne is a midwife, Sabine gynecologist, with her own practice in a small town in the Westerwald. The children Felix (19) and Antonia (16) attend high school there. Every now and then they are asked by classmates: “You have two mothers – how is that anyway?” Otherwise: no bullying! “I don’t care how others think about it. I know that I’m fine here,” says Antonia.

Also because there are rather unpleasant memories of the biological father, it was easy for the children to accept Sabine as their second mother. And Sabine herself, who actually never wanted children, quickly found her way around in her new role.

Hostility in the job

But not everyone around Anne and Sabine showed as much understanding as the closest family circle. Many acquaintances were tolerant, but quickly broke off contact after the offensive outing and the later wedding of the two. Before the lesbian couple opened a practice together, they had both worked in the same hospital. When they found out there that they were a lesbian and a couple, the colleagues reacted with hostility and ignorance: “They almost never spoke to me at all because after all I was ‘the devil'”, reports Anne.

Isn’t the male role model missing?

Antonia and Felix deal confidently with the meanwhile familiar situation. Although Felix often wanted more support from his parents in his sporting activities, he never missed a father as a role model. “I then just looked for other role models – especially in the field of sports – such as my sports teacher,” explains the high school graduate. It was never a problem that both of his parents are female.

“If I were a lesbian, that wouldn’t be a problem either”

Antonia and Felix also thought about their own sexuality. Since her parents are lesbian, many inevitably think of Antonia that she too should be homosexual. “I think I can rule that out for myself. But if I were really a lesbian, that wouldn’t be a problem”, Antonia replies to the speculations. Felix, who has a girlfriend, is also certain that he is straight.

The children reacted defiantly at first

The second case, shown in the documentary, takes the reporters from “Menschen hautnah” to Cologne: Margot lives there with her two sons. She too got married in the traditional way and lived with her husband and children in the family. When the children were small, she fell in love with a woman. The separation from the husband and divorce followed quickly, and the children initially stayed with their father for five years. During this time Daniel (16) and Tobias (14) reacted defiantly to their mother. But that has changed in the meantime.

When mom kisses her friend

Today the two boys have long been living with their mother again, but they still have good contact with their father. Both are open to the outside world about the family situation, although Tobias is still a little uncomfortable when his mother shows up openly with her friend, possibly even kisses her in public.

“We’re both straight”

In the beginning there were a few sayings in school that Daniel and Tobias had to put up with, but that was done quickly. Neither of them were bullied. The reactions in Margot’s family are different: To this day, many relatives do not accept their homosexuality and no longer have any contact with Margot.

Daniel and Tobias have also clarified another important question for themselves. Despite the lesbian mothers, Tobias and Daniel are convinced: “We are both heterosexual.”

Serious accusation against big banks: for years leading institutions, including Deutsche Bank, are said to have manipulated the gold price. Now there is a first lawsuit because of the manipulation of the daily reference price.

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Lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan

The New York gold dealer Kevin Maher filed a lawsuit for damages against Deutsche Bank and the other institutions in federal court in Manhattan, according to court documents submitted by Reuters news agency, dated March 3.

Maher accuses the banks of having agreed to manipulate the gold fixing. He is seeking class action on behalf of all investors who have traded gold or gold derivatives since 2004 whose price is based on the fixing. Bloomberg had also previously reported on the lawsuit. At first it was unclear how much money is involved.

Gold Price Manipulations: No tangible results yet

The suspicion that the quasi-official gold price could have been manipulated had alarmed numerous supervisory authorities – including the German financial supervisory authority BaFin months ago. However, tangible results of their investigations are not yet known.

The London financial regulator had asked all institutions that contribute to major foreign exchange, oil, gold and other indices to review by July 2014 whether they are complying with the new global rules for their determination. The banks are supposed to explain what they have learned from the scandal surrounding the manipulation of the Libor reference interest rate. The currency fixing is also suspected of manipulation over the years.

Five banks set the gold price

A total of five institutes are involved in the gold fixing. The price is set in a conference call held by the exclusive club twice a day. Deutsche Bank is the only bank from Germany to be included. The other institutions are the British banks Barclays and HSBC, the Canadian Bank of Nova Scotia-Mocatta and Société Générale from France.

Deutsche Bank stated that the lawsuit in New York was irrelevant. You will defend yourself against it resolutely. Société Générale made a similar statement. Barclays and HSBC declined to comment. Nova Scotia was not available for comment.

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Deutsche Bank leaves exclusive club

Deutsche Bank decided in January to withdraw from the determination of the official reference prices for gold and silver, also because it was significantly downsizing its commodities business.