During the bidding competition, numerous employees petitioned for the airline to be taken over by the IAG line Vueling.

The committee decided unanimously, said the German insolvency administrator Lucas Flöther and the Austrian trustee Ulla Reisch in Vienna. “It is assumed that the transaction in Austria and Germany will be approved under insolvency law at short notice,” it said. The creditors’ committee had been discussing a solution for the insolvent airline for 15 hours since Monday afternoon. The ex-racing driver had founded Niki in 2003 and left in 2011. In his own words, the 68-year-old bid together with the tour operator Thomas Cook (Condor) for the Air Berlin subsidiary.

Niki had filed for bankruptcy six weeks ago. About a week ago, in an extremely unusual step, a second insolvency procedure was opened in Austria. This brought the previous sales plans to the test and bidders that had not been considered were given a new chance. Among the interested parties was the British-Spanish British Airways parent IAG, which in a first bankruptcy procedure in Germany for Niki 20 million euros and a bank loan of 16.5 million euros for the airline to continue operating. So far everything looked like Niki would go to this company. Lauda recently emphasized that only he was able to get the Niki airline back into the air quickly thanks to an air transport operator certificate from his airline Laudamotion.

The IAG subsidiary Vueling, on the other hand, needs a new operator’s certificate, which takes at least three months, said the founder. If a decision was made in his favor, Lauda had already negotiated with Lufthansa and claims to have secured 15 of the 21 Niki aircraft. In December, Lufthansa withdrew its offer to buy Niki after the EU Commission had concerns about competition law, and the decision in favor of Lauda is unlikely to meet with unanimous approval from around 1,000 Niki employees. Works council chairman Stefan Tankovits had assumed in advance of the creditors’ committee that all 220 pilots would resign in this case.

According to Tankovits, Lauda doesn’t have the best reputation as an employer. When he was head of the airline, the pilots were employed by a personal leasing company. Source: ntv.de, rpe / jug / dpa “” Back at the helm with Niki: the aviation entrepreneur Niki Lauda wants to convince the Niki employees. (Photo: REUTERS) The contract for the Air Berlin subsidiary is just the beginning: What exactly is Lauda planning to do with Niki? The ex-racing driver and airline founder wants to start regular operations as soon as possible – and needs the support of the crew and pilots. After winning the bidding race for the insolvent Austrian Air Berlin subsidiary Niki, the aviation entrepreneur Niki Lauda has den promised prospects for affected employees. He wanted to meet the employees on Wednesday and explain his plans to them, Lauda told the “Bild” newspaper. “I am convinced that nobody wants to change after that.” The Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings, for example, “doesn’t offer any better conditions than we do,” said Lauda.

The day before it became known that the former Formula 1 racing driver had been awarded the contract for the airline he had founded. The decision in favor of Lauda was allegedly made unanimously in deliberations of the creditors’ committees from Germany and Austria. Financial details of the transaction remained open.

Lauda has already announced that it will take off again with 15 aircraft at the beginning of the summer flight schedule at the end of March. He promised a “job offer” to the roughly one thousand Niki employees. According to industry experts, Lauda cannot hope for undivided approval from the ranks of the workforce at Niki. During the bidding competition, numerous employees petitioned for the airline to be taken over by the IAG line Vueling.https://123helpme.me/to-kill-a-mockingbird-essay/ In addition, several of the around 220 pilots at Niki are said to already have offers from other airlines. In addition, there are doubts as to whether Niki can position itself profitably in the fierce competition between European airlines. In a comment in the Austrian daily newspaper “Der Standard”, it is said that the “marketing genius Lauda” is returning to Niki’s executive chair after his retirement almost seven years ago with an “unclear strategy”. Lauda is likely to take over the Niki plane in the next two years The paper predicts that they can already fill it with the help of the tour operator.

In summer this is usually “no problem”, only in winter almost all airlines posted losses. However, the general conditions in the air travel market have “completely changed” in recent years. For example, Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings, Easyjet, Hungarian Wizz and several additional low-cost airlines are active at the planned Niki location in Vienna. The AUA airline has also recovered economically, is in good financial shape and can expand. “Therefore, in the medium term, the Spanish Vueling, embedded in the economically successful British Airways parent company IAG, would have been a more solid partner for Niki,” says the comment from “Standard”. The chairman of the Federal Consumer Association, Klaus Müller, was confident that Lauda would “revive the competition for fair airfares with solid competition”.

Lauda must now prove that he is well positioned, said Müller of the “Passauer Neue Presse”. His announced cooperation with the tour operator Thomas Cook gives hope. Source: ntv.de, mmo / AFP / dpa “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on Novitschok 2018 will poison the Russian double agent Skripal , now the Putin critic Navalny: The neurotoxin of the Novitschok group causes paralysis that can lead to death. The chemical weapon from the Cold War has only been on the list of banned substances for a year. By Christina Fleischmann The Russian government vehemently denies for to be responsible for the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter with the warfare agent Novichok.

However, President Putin makes no secret of his deep contempt for his ex-spy. Since the Russian ex-spy Skripal and his daughter were poisoned with nerve gas, there has been increased vigilance in Salisbury, England. Now there is another “medical incident”, as a result of which two people are treated. Six months after the poison attack on the former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, the British police are naming suspects for the first time. The Russians are said to be members of the GRU military intelligence service.

The southern English city of Salisbury gained notoriety through the attack with the neurotoxin Novitschok. Now she’s making headlines again with a fatal incident. An explosion occurs in a military factory.

There is one dead. For his partner, the contact with the warfare agent Novitschok ended fatally, while a 45-year-old Briton is on the mend. Less than a month after being poisoned, he was allowed to leave the hospital. Four months after the Novichok attack on the Russian ex-agent Skripal, investigators are said to have found out who the suspects are. Surveillance cameras helped.

According to this, Russians should be responsible. The find of Novichok continues to puzzle the British police. But the brother of a man who came into contact with the neurotoxin now reveals details. Accordingly, the substance was in a perfume bottle that the man had found. “Everything open again? The sale of Niki to IAG is on the brink. (Photo: REUTERS) Does the Niki takeover fail in the last few meters?

Insolvency administrator Flöther sees the sale of the Air Berlin subsidiary to the International Airline Group (IAG) in serious danger. Other competitors can still bid for the airline until the end of the week. What happens next with Niki? According to the German insolvency administrator Lucas Flöther, the rescue of the insolvent Air Berlin subsidiary is seriously jeopardized by the second bidding process in Austria, which carries the serious risk that everyone involved would end up empty-handed, said Flöther. The previous buyer, the British-Spanish aviation group IAG, shows patience, but everyone has to understand if this investor makes use of his right of withdrawal at some point. From Flöther’s point of view, the Austrian insolvency administrator should simply agree to the decision of the provisional German creditors’ committee. “If, however, the package is untied again, I see no future for Niki,” said Flöther. Last Friday, the Korneuburg district court approved an application by the passenger portal Fairplane to open main proceedings in Austria as well. With this, Fairplane wants to better enforce the rights of its 3,000 customers, who have claims of 1.2 million euros due to flight delays, in court. At the same time, previous bidders such as Tuifly and the tour operator Thomas Cook (Condor) can until 19.

January make a new offer. The aviation entrepreneur and ex-racing driver Niki Lauda has already announced such a step. Niki, founded by Lauda in 2003, slipped into bankruptcy as a result of the Air Berlin bankruptcy. Source: ntv.de, mmo / dpa “” News and information at a glance. Collection of articles from n-tv.de on the subject of Niki Aviation Does the Niki takeover fail in the last few meters?

Insolvency administrator Flöther sees the sale of the Air Berlin subsidiary to the International Airline Group (IAG) in serious danger. Other competitors can still bid for the airline until the end of the week. The struggle to sell the Air Berlin subsidiary Niki continues: In Austria, a second insolvency procedure is being initiated, which could result in a new bidding race.

The insolvency administrator is annoyed – and wants to appeal. The Air Berlin bankruptcy last year created a gap in the range of cheap flights across Europe. In order to withstand the competition, the Lufthansa low-cost subsidiary Eurowings is now announcing high price discounts on tickets. In the dispute over the sale of the insolvent Air Berlin subsidiary Niki, the Berlin-Charlottenburg district court rejects a complaint from a service provider for air passenger rights.

Now the district court should decide in the short term. Does the sale of Air Berlin subsidiary Niki fail in the last few meters? The Berlin district court wants to decide on an explosive complaint from Austria before the weekend. Until then, it is said, there will be no “suspensive effect”. In February, the insolvent Air Berlin subsidiary Niki will go to the IAG group, according to the plan.

But that could now be thwarted by an Austrian company that appeals to a court in the interests of thousands of cheated Niki passengers. Now it’s official: the Spanish-British holding company IAG is largely taking over the insolvent former Air Berlin subsidiary Niki. This will save the previously most profitable part of Air Berlin at the last minute. After the bidding period has expired, the insolvency administrator of the Air Berlin subsidiary Niki will receive five binding offers. He will first negotiate with two potential buyers.

So far, there has only been speculation about who this is. Who will get the bankrupt airline Niki? That could be decided tomorrow.

Meanwhile the circle of potential buyers is getting smaller. Two interested parties do not enter the bidding race after all. The airline Niki does not have to give up its take-off and landing rights in the coming days. This gives the insolvent company more time to rescue it.

According to Austrian flight control there are no deadlines. “The fleet is to be expanded to 30 aircraft. (Photo: dpa) Niki Lauda is getting strong support with his airline Laudamotion. The Irish low-cost airline wants to take over almost a quarter. This is intended to stand up to Deutsche Lufthansa. The low-cost airline Ryanair wipes out the formula -1 world champion Niki Lauda of Lufthansa, the Irish should take over the majority of Lauda’s new low-cost airline Laudamotion – and thus get access to valuable take-off and landing rights at coveted German airports.

That should annoy Lufthansa a lot. Because Laudamotion – the successor airline of the former Air Berlin subsidiary Niki – threatens to become strong in Düsseldorf, where the Lufthansa cheap subsidiary Eurowings has already set up. Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr himself continues to hope for a cooperation with Lauda, ​​but now the crane group could face a more intense price war than expected. “I stand for competition and everyone knows that I am critical of monopolies,” said Lauda. “I didn’t come here to quit, I came here to really start,” he said. The 69-year-old will continue to lead Laudamotion, which Niki once founded himself. In the wake of the Air Berlin bankruptcy, the former racing driver bought the airline back at the beginning of 2018 for almost 50 million euros – after the takeover by the German market leader Lufthansa failed due to resistance from the EU.

The money was mainly used for the coveted take-off and landing rights. The Niki planes were all leased. If Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has his way, the Irish will continue to open up the aviation market in Germany and Austria. Laudamotion should become a new low-cost airline – and be on the road both for scheduled services and for tour operators, as he said. The Irish will initially buy almost a quarter of Laudamotion and want to take over the majority with around 75 percent as soon as possible – if the EU Commission agrees.

According to the Irish, the total purchase price is less than 50 million euros, the same amount they contribute for business development and operating costs. Ryanair also wants to help expand the Laudamotion fleet from 14 to around 20 aircraft this summer. Lauda assures us that it will grow to 30 aircraft from the Airbus A320 series within two years. Ryanair, on the other hand, operates a pure Boeing fleet with more than 400 machines. Lufthansa boss Spohr recently hoped that eight to ten Laudamotion jets with their own crew could take off for Eurowings.

However, this could be a thorn in the side of competition watchdogs because Lufthansa would in fact receive parts of the former Niki business. Criticism of Ryanair and Lauda comes from employee representatives. Lauda had employed technicians, pilots and flight attendants at Niki for years through a personnel leasing company. Ryanair employs many crew members through external personnel service providers – and until recently was completely resistant to the influence of trade unions.

After threats of strike, there are now talks with pilots’ associations – and Laudamotion is also negotiating a collective agreement with employees. Source: ntv.de, wne / jwu / dpa “In 2021, 7.5 million passengers will fly with Laudamotion. (Photo: imago / Arnulf Hettrich) In March 2018, Ryanair joined Laudamotion, months later the Irish low-cost airline took over its Austrian counterpart completely.